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We specialize in Africa Business Consulting, Project Developing and Transport Mediating.


Improving Environment

We guide you in the growth of your business, enhance your local environment and your future development.

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Get the best tyres, get Barkley

Mining Equipment for Road Construction

Road Construction Machinery

Tippertrucks and Trailers

Bredenoord Generators and Solar

Militairy Trucks and Equipment

Agricultural tractors and land Tools

Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Organic Fertilizer & Building

Food, Seeds and Fertilizer

Dairy Milking Cows and Products

ID Agro Roundhouse Cattle Stables

Attro Mini Milking Machines

Sismo Building Technology

Art Ice Skating on Special Sunproved Ice

Scaffolding Material and Hoisting Equipment

This is what we do

Africa Business Consulting, Project Developing and Transport Mediating. Barkley Truck Tyres, Bredenoord Generators,
Export Heavy Machinery Equipment, Import-Export Cars, Trucks and Trailers.

Africa Business Consulting, Project Developing, Transport Mediating


Africa Agent Barkley Truck, Agriculture & Mining Tyres


Africa Agent Bredenoord Generators (sales and rental)

We specialize in:


Crushers & Screens for mining


Heavy Machinery Equipment, bulldozers and excavators


Supplier in Trading Export Cars, Trucks and Trailers


Supplier Agriculture & Dairy Machinery & Irrigation


Provider Fertilizer Organic, Chemical & Liquid


Carterer, Food: Onions, Potatoes & Milk Powder

Business Partners


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