Art Ice Skating on Special Sunproved Ice

Art-Ice is the synthetic alternative of conventional ice and can be used for fun, sports, and entertainment skating. The patented self-lubricating formula provides a smooth skating experience. The gliding capacity reaches over 94% and up to 98%, compared to natural ice. As a result of the unique dry and self-lubricating system, Art-Ice has the lowest maintenance costs in the market. The Art-Ice ice rinks areĀ  specially developed for professional and recreational use. When you follow the simple maintenance instructions, the Art-Ice ice rinks have a guaranteed life time of at least 10 years.


The best Artificial ice rink available

We are passionate believers in offering the best product available on the ice rink market. We keep on testing and improving our products yearly to offer you the best synthetic ice rink in the world. All Art-Ice floors are self-lubricating. This means a top quality gliding capacity 24-7 and very low maintenance costs.


Together we can achieve your goals!

Depending on your requirements there are many possibilities. You will be amazed by all the possibilties. Together we can fill in your ambitions and get your activities started.

Art-Ice Advantages

Up to 98% gliding comparable to conventional ice
Low maintenance
No electricity
No fuels
No heating
No chemicals on the surface
No Co2
10 years Guarantee
100% recyclable
No environmental taxes