Cool and store your valuable products in a cheap and sustainable way


The SunCooler (patent pending) is a mobile cooling device that cools your fruit, vegetables, meat fish, dairy and medicines on the spot in a cheap, sound and sustainable way. There is no need for fuel, a generator, a grid connection or batteries. The sun is the one and only source of energy.


The SunCooler is designed for:


  • Food trade
  • Agriculture
  • Slaugtherhouses
  • Fisheries & aquaculture
  • Livestock production
  • Health care providers
  • Schools
  • Safari resorts
  • Ngo’s
  • Aid agencies

According to recent predictions the world population will increase to 9,7 billion people in 2050. This means 200,000 more mouths to feed on a daily basis. And due to increased wellfare in many countries, the demand for rice, cassava and potatoes is more and more replaced by more luxury food products like dairy, meat and fish. Products that need to be cooled.


Selling fresh products over a longer period of time


Nature forces all farmers to harvest at about the same time. If there is no possibility for cooling, products need to be sold quickly before they perish. Due to high quantities of food offered, prices are relatively low. This not only limits food availability, but also risks food security and food safety.


The availability of a SunCooler contributes in many ways to make your business more manageable, enhance your sales window and optimize your selling prices. SunCooler enables producers to store their valuable products in a cheap and sustainable way without the need for fuel or a grid.


No grid, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week cool on solar energy only


The Suncooler works completely standalone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, entirely on solar energy. Your products always stay cool, even at night. You do not need electricity of diesel fuel, a generator, a grid connection or even batteries or even batteries.


Surplus of Solar energy


The SunCooler even generates surplus electricity. Once the SunCooler has reached the required temperature, it continues to generate power. Power you can use for complementary businesses, a water pump or a charging station. And, if connected to a grid, you can earn some extra cash by feeding the power back.

Upscaling is easy


It is possible to install a second, parallel SunCooler under the same solar PV roof without increasing the number of solar panels. In any situation the PV roof functions as a shade to minimize direct heating of the unit by the sun.


Refrigerating and freezing at the same time


Another possibility is the SunCooler Twin. This version makes it possible to refrigerate and freeze at the same time. With this set up, you get one refrigerating and one freezing unit under the solar PV together.


Up and running in 2 days


The SunCooler can be ready for usage in only 2 days once arrived on the spot. It is easy to install and to remove if necessary.

Cooling or Freezing


The SunCooler reaches temperatures of -15C to 15C. This enables you to freeze products like fish and meat or cool products like fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs or medicines. Each SunCooler has a dedicated walking door on the side of the unit. Therefore there is nog need to open the big main backdoors every time you need to products inside or take them out. The door is covered with plastic flaps to keep the cold inside when the door is opened.

SunCooler Twin: Cooling ánd Freezing


SunCooler also offers you the possibility to use 2 units under 1 solar roof. 1 unit can be used for cooling and the other for freezing for example. This enables you to freeze for example fish and meat at about -15C and meanwhile cool fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs or medicines at about 4 C.


A smart system knows and detects which unit needs the solar power most and feeds that unit. Once the required temperature is reached it automatically switches over to the other unit to maintain secured storage of your valuable products.